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WCDS Outlaw 300

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WCDS Outlaw 300 

Jack Engstrom the first racer in the 9s in a race at .999 @ 58 mph 12-04-2016

Next Race The "WCDS Outlaw .300" Will Race at, Will Be The Winter Finals at Buena Park Raceway December 4th 2016
Singal Car Entry, Everyone Will  Make the Field.




"WCDS Outlaw 300" Rules

(1) Tree: .400 Pro Light, Heads-Up
1/4 Mile. 

(2) Body:
Door cars, (wagons permitted, convertibles permitted with the top on) 1:24 or 1:25 Model kit or promo car (Hard Body), No Concept cars, no styrene or resin bodies. All makes and models, factory 4 Seater Passenger car that came from the factory with rear seat and rear belts. 
Sanding rocker panels permitted must see bottom of door seam.
Any scale or induction hood scoops permitted.
(A) Front spoiler permitted "must be less then .010 In front of front bumper. Filling in grill area permitted, head light must be in stock location. 
(B) Rear spoiler permitted (can be styrene) maybe as wide as the body but no longer then 1.120" from Back of deck lid. Max hight from deck lid .150".
(C) Add-on rear wing Prohibited, factory wing permitted.
Opening of rear bumper to clearance wheelie bar upright (no more then .400" tall by 1.5" wide) Rear tail lights must be OEM unalterd and in stock location.

(3) Interior:
Must has 3-Dimensional
1:24 scale painted interior. No paper or flat interior allowed. If all windows are present and black no interior needed. 
Front and rear windshield mandatory, Lexan side windows permitted.

(4) Chassis:
Any In-line
Any Axel permitted 
Axle bearings permitted 
Guide flag 1" max

(5)  Wheelie bar length: 
5.0 inch max from center of rear Axel.

(6) Wheels:
Front wheels Scale, Hub with O-ring type or O.E.M. Rear wheels Scale Hub .300 wide +\-0.010 (max .310, minimum .290 
1.000 Minimum Tall

(7) Gear Ratio:

(8) Minimum weight: 110 grams 

(9) Motor: Hawk 7 JK30307, must have factory marking "H7 7777777" on the motor.

Freezing of motor prohibited.
Painting of engine prohibited, no tape or stickers allowed. 
Up to 2 motors will be allowed at tech-in.
Any Comm Drops permitted.
Motor is crimp and can not be open ened. No Pry marks on the inside or outside, No modification or altered in anyway (No Dye inside or outside) . If motor is altered driver will be disqualified from the event and possible from the series.
You can change motors anytime during the race but must be done in tech and must let tech know when changing motor to inspect new motor.

(10) Track prep:
Racer has 60 second clock to clean and prep track to the 330 cone.
1 Dry hop passed the 330.

(11) Controller:
No throttle delay controllers (car must move with trigger or trans break button), launch controller permitted.

 (12) Car replacement during a event:

(A) Lets say your first qualifying pass you where #5, you go down and pick-up your car and drop it and it brakes real bad. You have to qualify a back up car but the #5 spot will be removed. To race a back up car that car must make the field. 

(13) Motor replacement: 

Since the motor are not repairable you will be allowed 1 back-up motor (one motor in the car and one spare motor) when replacing a motor it must be done down in tech, you also must notify tech of replacing a motor.

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