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E.T. Record: Mike Aceves .656 on 7/28/18

MPH Record: Randy Spiering 86.31 on 12/30/17

 Defined rules for BB Funny Car:

Funny Car
Designation: BB/FC
Body: 1980 and newer funny car body allowed.
Must be a commercially available lexan body.
Must retain full tail light panel.
Minimum height 1/4" (.250)
Measured from the top off the deck to the lowest point of the panel.
Panel must be cut straight across.
Small notches for wheelie bar clearance allowed.
No cut outs in body for tire clearance, or ventilation.
Wheel well openings must be clear, or cut open.
Windshield, and side windows must remain clear.
Back window may be painted.
Spoiler/Wings: Permitted. Styrene, and/or lexan construction only.
Top fuel style wing prohibited.
Wings cannot be longer than one (1) inch measured from the farthest point of the rear main body, to the farthest point of the wing.
Wings cannot be wider than the widest point on the rear deck.
Interior: Must have full interior with 3D center steer driver. Must be painted
Motor: WCDS spec VR12 motor. No ball bearings allowed.
Chassis: Unlimited. Ball bearings allowed.
Front tires/Wheels: Minimum wheel diameter 1/2" (.500) -.003 allowed
Measured from the outside diameter of the wheel.
Any black o-ring allowed.
Wing car wheels/tires "Prohibited"
Rear tires/Wheels: Unlimited, other than .970 minimum tire diameter.
Wheelie Bars: Total length cannot exceed five (5) inches from the centerline of the rear axle, to the centerline of the wheelie wheel axle.
Weight: 80gm minimum weight


Motor rules for BB/FC

ProSlot VR12

Can, Endbell, bushings, MAGNETS, Hardware and Armature must be all OEM, nothing aftermarket AT ALL. Can must be Stock and unaltered, as with endbell. End bell may have 4 holes drilled to install to can. 

*Brushes, Springs, Shaft Shims and Shunts may be aftermarket. 

*You can clearance hardware to comm if close, but hardware MUST REMAIN OEM TO THE VR SERIES MOTOR! No Copper. 

*Comm may be trued and arm can be re-balanced.

*Magnets may be zapped, but must reside in original position in can, and may NOT be shimmed or modified for airgap adjustment.
Magnets may NOT be glued in. 

*.530" minimum airgap (+/- .002")

*.500" diameter arm (+/- .002) 

*bushings may NOT be glued or soldered in and MUST be OEM bronze.