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"BPS Outlaw 300 Drag Racing Series"
The 5 Race Series Will be Raced at
Buena Park Raceway
6161 Lincoln Ave
Buena Park California 90620 

BPS Drag Racing Series E.T. Record Held By Rachel Leath at .982 on 1-15-17

BPS Drag Racing Serice M.P.H. Record Held By Jon Tier at 59.29 on 2-2-18


BPS Outlaw 300 Drag Racing Series Rules For 2017

(1) Tree: .400 Pro Light, Heads-Up
1/4 Mile. 

(1) Body:
Door cars, (wagons permitted, convertibles permitted with the top on) 1:24 or 1:25 Model kit or promo car (Hard Body), No Concept cars, no styrene or resin bodies. All makes and models, factory 4 Seater Passenger car that came from the factory with rear seat.
Sanding rocker panels permitted must see bottom of door seam.
Any scale or induction hood scoops permitted.
(A) Front spoiler permitted "must be less then .010 In front of front bumper. Filling in grill area permitted, head light must be in stock location.
(B) Rear spoiler permitted (can be styrene) maybe as wide as the body but no longer then 1.120" from Back of deck lid. Max hight from deck lid .150".
(C) Add-on rear wing Prohibited, factory wing permitted.
Opening of rear bumper to clearance wheelie bar upright (no more then .400" tall by 1.5" wide) Rear tail lights must be OEM unalterd and in stock location.

(2) Interior:
Must has 3-Dimensional
1:24 scale painted interior. No paper or flat interior allowed. If all windows are present and black no interior needed.
Front and rear windshield mandatory, Lexan side windows permitted.

(3) Chassis:
Any In-line
Any Axel permitted
Axle bearings permitted
Guide flag 1" max

(4) Wheelie bar length:
5.0 inch max from center of rear Axel.

(5) Wheels:
Front wheels Scale, Hub with O-ring type or O.E.M. Rear wheels Scale Hub .300 wide +\-0.010 (max .310, minimum .290
1.000 Minimum Tall

(6) Gear Ratio:

(7) Minimum weight: 110 grams

*() Motor: Hawk 7 JK30307, must have factory marking "H7 7777777" on the motor.

Freezing of motor prohibited.
Painting of engine prohibited, no tape or stickers allowed.
Up to 2 motors will be allowed at tech-in.
Any Comm Drops permitted.
Motor is crimp and can not be open ened. No Pry marks on the inside or outside, No modification or altered in anyway (No Dye inside or outside) . If motor is altered driver will be disqualified from the event and possible from the series.
You can change motors anytime during the race but must be done in tech and must let tech know when changing motor to inspect new motor.

(8) Track prep:
Racer has 60 second clock to clean and prep track to the 330 cone.
1 Dry hop passed the 330.

(9) Controller:
No throttle delay controllers (car must move with trigger or trans break button), launch controller permitted.

(10) There will be a bump, only 16 cars will make the field.

 (11) Car replacement during a event:

(A)Lets say your first qualifying pass you where #5, you go down and pick-up your car and drop it and it brakes real bad. You have to qualify a back up car but the #5 spot will be removed. To race a back up car that car must make the field. 

(B) If you drop your car after the last qualifier and you can't fix it in the time that is allowed, every one will move up a spot and number 17 qualifier (first alternate) will move into #16 spot.

(12) Motor replacement:

Since the motor are not repairable you will be allowed 1 back-up motor (one motor in the car and one spare motor) when replacing a motor it must be done down in tech, you also must notify tech of replacing a motor. 

(13) If it doesn't say you can do it, you must get permission from Don Leath.

BPS will Be the Title sponsor of the 2017 5 race championship racing series. A total of $250.00 Cash purse will be handed out as
1st place will receive $100.00
2nd place will receive $60.00
3rd place will receive $40.00
4th place will receive $30.00
5th place will receive $20.00 
1st through 5th will receive Trophy and plaques.
All 5 races will be at BPR.

"BPS Outlaw 300" 2017 race schedule
Race (1) October 7th Saturday at Buena Park Raceway.
Race (2) December 2nd Saturday BPR
Race (3) January 6th 2017 Saturday BPR
Race (4) January 20st 2017 Saturday BPR
Race (5) February 3th 2017 Saturday BPR Championship awards to follow last race

Thank you for being part of the "BPS Outlaw 300" Drag Racing Series.

 First of all I would like to thank Ricky Deuschle with RDRC (Ricky Deuschle Race Craft) for being associate sponsor for the "BPS Outlaw 300 Drag Racing Series".

What RDRC is adding to the "BPS Outlaw 300 Drag Racing Series" is money for "Top Qualifier", Winner Money, Bounty money.
1) "RDRC Top Qualifier" will get  $10.00 cash.
2) Winner will get $5.00 cash. 
3) Bounty Money, who ever takes out the "RDRC Top Qualifier" will get $5.00 cash. If no one takes out the "RDRC Top Qualifier" the $5.00 cash will roll over to the next race. 
"RDRC 8 Car Shoot-out"
I am excited to announce Ricky Deuschle with "Ricky Deuschle Race Craft" (RDRC) will sponsor an 8 car shoot-out. The "RDRC 8 cars Shoot-Out" will happen after the championship is settled. The top 8 cars in points will race for $100.00 cash. If the champion doubles-up and wins the "RDRC 8 Car Shoot-Out" "Leath Motorsports" will put up a $50.00 cash bonus. So it's possible for the champion to win $250.00 cash. ($100 for race series champion, $100 shoot-out win, $50 IF you double-up)

Rules for the "RDRC 8 Car Shoot-Out:
1) Ladder for the shoot-out: #1 will race #8 (4th out), #2 will race #7 (3rd out), #3 will race #6 (2nd out), #4 will race #5 (1st out).
2) Lane choice: 1 through 4 will have lane choice for the first round. After first round lane choice will go to the lower E.T.
3) If a racer that's in the Top 8 in points is not present the other racer will get a bye run (No Alternate).
4) The car entered in the shoot-out must be the same car raced in the last race of the series. Cars must go through tech again


2017 "BPS Outlaw 300" Racing Series Championship Points and Race Day Schedule.
1) It will be a 4 out of 5 race, I will throw out the worst race points less tech points. (Expel: you miss 1 race you will give up 0 point, if you make all 5 races and don't make the race you will lose 0 points but keep your 20 points for tech, if your worse race is a first round loser you will give up 31 point and keep your 20 tech points and so on). 

2) Points will be attached to the driver. No car owner points.

3) Car replacement. 
A) Racer is allowed to replace a race car one time during Qualifying and only if the car is dropped or crashed into the pillows to hard.  Replacement car must have at least 1 Qualifying pass. 
B) If a car can not make first round call there will be alternates. First alternate will be the 17 Qualifier, second alternate will be 18 qualifier and so on. 
4) Points will be earned as:
A) Top Qualifier will get 5 Points, Second Qualifier will get 3 Points, Third Qualifier will get 1 Point. 
B) Pass tech will get 20 points
C) E.T. Record 20 points  
D) Winner will get 85 Points, Runner-up will get 64 Points, Third round loser will get 53 Points, Second round loser will get 42 Points, first round loser will get 31 points.

5) If there is a tie for the Championship it will go to the most wins, still a tie most TQ, still a tie most final round appearance.

6) Race Day Schedule:
A) Doors open at 8:00am Tech will start at 9:00am and end at 10:30am
B) Qualifying will start at 10:30am
C) There will be 2 Qualifying passes with a 30 minute brake in between rounds to work on cars (in tech area) for me to do Qualifying sheets and to make test passes with braket and index cars only. 
D) First round elimination will start after the 30 minute brake after the last qualifier. 

"Cambra Speed Shop Perfect Light Award" Is Back For The 2017 Season

I would like to start out by thanking Ron Cambra with "Cambra Speed shop" for being part of the "BPS Outlaw 300" Racing Series. Ron is putting a total of a $60.00 purse towards a perfect light. This is how it will work: Who ever gets the first perfect Light during elimination at each race will win $10.00 cash, with the last race getting $20.00 cash. If no one gets a perfect light it will roll over to the next race.  

Thank you Ron Cambra.
Don Leath.


I would like to start out by thanking Street Dreams from Prescott Arizona for joining the "BPS Outlaw 300 Drag Racing Series for the 2017 season. What this means is the number 17th Qualifier will get $10.00 cash (like racing for free)


Street Dreams located at

1120 E Gurley St

Prescott, Arizona 86301



BPS Outlaw 300 Drag Racing Series Championship points after Race 1.


#    Name   Tech bonus points Total

#1) Vern Scholtz    20     1     85    103

#2) Brian Pearson 20    5     64      89

#3) Lou Calangelo 20    0     53      73

#3) Randy Atchley 20    0     53      73

#5) Kelly Foster.      20   3      42     65

#6) Todd Marshall  20    0     42     62

#6) Mike Rogers      20    0     42     62

#6) Elroy Minix.        20    0    42      62

#9) Jason Foster.    20     0   31       51

#9) Ra.Ndy Spiering 20    0   31      51

#9) Vince Ito.               20    0   31      51

#9) Dennis Hill.           20    0   31     51

#9) Jon Tier.                20    0    31    51

#9) Gary L Atchley.  20      0    31    51

#9) Robert J Lourenco 20 0   31    51


Points earned:

#1 Qualifier.                5 points

#2 Qualifier.                3 points

#3 Qualifier.                 1 Points


Winner                         85 Points

Runner-up.                 64 points

3rd round loser.        53 points

2nd round loser.       42 points

First round loser.      31 points

Passing tech.             20 points.


If you have any questions about the points please just ask. 


See everyone at at the second race.


We had 15 racer today and you everyone.

"BPS Outlaw 300" Drag Racing Series 2016 Championship Points

1) Jason Foster. 365
2) Rachel Leath. 347
3) Randy Spairing. 304
4) Vince Ito. 284
5) Bryon Nakahara. 279
6) Brian Pearson. 257
7) Leroy Duran. 249
8) Arthur Shaw Jr. 248
9) Larry Andrews. 224
10) Jack Engstrom. 197
11) Mike Rogers. 195
12) Steve Sbelgio. 188
13) Todd Marshall. 184
14) Ricky Deuschle. 183
15) Roy Pitchlynn. 164
15) Gary Kirkpatrick. 164
17) Alex Wood. 162
18) Mark Rollings. 153
19) BigDog Robert Terrell. 131
20) Danny Gomez. 113
21) Sergio Trejo. 82
22) Travis Richardson. 80
23) Eugene Gray. 78
24) Daniel Dotson. 73
25) Gary Hardin. 71
25) Vern Sholtz. 71
27) Waxx Adams. 62
27) Dan Craft. 62
27) Kevin Motter. 62
30) Gary Smith. 54
31) Andrew Garcia. 51
31) Kellie Camp Foster. 51
31) Rudy Rosales. 51
31) Lee Passehl. 51
35) Danny Scot Mckown. 20
35) Michael Ivan Steele. 20
35) T.j. Hynd. 20
35) Marc Ito. 20

Total of 38 Racers, thank you everyone








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