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Gary Lum's Top 10 @ BPR

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Gary Lum's Top 10 @ BPR

Car Guidelines 

1) Body: "Any door car 1:24 or 1:25 scale hard body. You can shave the rockers to bottom of the door line. No covering of the wheel opening. Front heads lights and Rear tail light must be in stock location and uncut. Trying to keep the bodies looking like a Street Car. 

2) Interior: If you are running without an interior you must have all Windows in place and must be black. 

3) Front wheels: Front rims with O-Ring must be a minimum of .600 inches (a little over a half inch) or to scale.

4) Rear wheel and tire: Any rim and any tire.

5) Motor: Any motor 

6) Chassis: Any chassis. 

7) Minimum Weight: N/A

8) Guidelines are read “If it doesn’t say you can do you must get approval from Robert, Gomez or Don Leath


Race Procedures

1) Call-Outs: Call-Outs are on a chosen Saturday from 10:00am to 11:00am for one hour ONLY. If you are called out you must  race that day or could lose up 2 spots. If you are not there on race day and the racer below you calls you out and the racer above you is there and will race they can race but you will lose 1 spot( only can lose 2 spot a race). 

2) Single call out: A set day that 2 racers can agree on to race (like a Thursday) Don Leath, Robert Gomez or Jason Foster must be present. 

3) Lane choice: If both racers can't agree on a lane then a it will go to a coin flip. 

4) Spots on the list: Only one driver and one car on list at a time (Same drive can’t have 2 cars on the list).The car that made it on the list must stay on the list (if driver changes body style the original car must be removed from the list). If the car is crashed the racer can replace body with same style and year without loosing there spot.

5) Tree: .400 Pro Light, red light active, monitors off Unless both drivers are ok with monitor on then we will turn on the starting line monitor. If monitors are off we will hand out time slips. 

6) Track prep: Glue to the Tree only.

Once the car is brought to the line (Pre stage or staged) it can't return to pits, you must either make a pass or forfeit your pass. If adjustments or changes need to be made to the car it must be done at the starting line area and within the 3 minutes alloted to remove the glue or use the glue that is down or add glue. After 3 minutes Once a driver is staged the other driver has 30 seconds to stage or loose the call out or spot.

7) Track length 1/4

8) The computer will decide the winner. If both cars go down the track and one car didn’t trigger the finish line sensor, one rerun only and have 1 minute for rerun.  

9) A driver can only challenge for the same spot once then give the racer a chance to race up (if #9 challenges #8 and #9 loses, #9 must give #8 a chance to race up or next race day before they challenges again).

10) New cars to the list: Don Leath, Robert Gomez or Jason Foster must approve all new cars trying for the list.

11) Car Fee: $2.00 car day to race for the list, if you are only doing the list you must pay the $5.00 pit fee.


Gary Lum #1 on the list


Mark Rollings #2 Car



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