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 Competition Coupe (C/C)


Competition Coupe (C/C)

E.T. Record Held By Davey Aaceves at .969

MPH Record held By Davey Aaceves @ 60.00 mph

*Any narrow inline chassis, any Wheelbase
With axle bushings. No more then 5" between wheelie axle and rear axle.


*Front wheels: 17" scale front dragster wheels

*Rear wheels: Scale hub, .435" wide (Max) by 1.100" tall (Minimum)

*Body: Nostalgia Coupe type Body of 1:25-1:24 scale origin, may be modded for rear tire clearance, and driver protrusion. Google "Competition coupe dragster" for a true idea of how these cars looked- car MUST have roof, but may be chopped. Resin or styrene
only. Car may have grill, but it must be OEM GRILL to the Body-

*No Wings or aero devices

*Detail: Car must have at least 1 1:25/1:24 scale engine mounted forward of driver compartment for detail.

*Driver: Car must have painted 3-d driver.

*Motor: Hawk 6. All parts except brushes and springs MUST be OEM. Shunts allowed.
Winning or Motors will be gaussed and metered, as well as random tear downs.

*Gear Ratio: fixed ratio of 15/56

*Weight: 110g

*Procedure: This class will be ran heads up on the .500 tree

*No long guide flags.





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