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Nostalgia Super Stock



Nostalgia Super Stock

E.T. Record Held By Todd Marshall at .805 12/04/2016

 MPH Record Held By Todd Marshall at 63.03 12/04/2016


1960 to 1970 Domestic car/station wagon with a minimum of 8" from bumper to bumper. Zero alterations to body allowed other then a notch in rear bumper to allow wheelie bar struts. Notch will be no more wider then 1/8"
On each side of bumper, and no higher then vertical portion of bumper.
No scoops or wings unless they came from factory and are located in factory locations.


Body must have correct scale 3-d painted driver.

Front: 3/4" scale front hubs with minimum 1/16" orings.

Rear: Scale hub only
*1.062" minimum tire tire diameter by .500"
Wide Min.

Any inline chassis with bearings
Wheelie Bars may not be longer then
5" from drive axle to wheelie bar axle.

VR-12: Part Number PS4019 (Bushing Motor) -All Outlaw 10.5" rules apply

130 grams

1" max guide flag

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